Spring Rally 2018

Road ATTACK rally is the rally to bring Car Fanatics together.
We drive the most fantastic roads and finish this day with a BBQ/Buffet !

One Day rally, drive and BBQ/Buffet on 21 april 2018

The aftermovie…

The route

Limburg (NL) – Ardennes (Belgium) – Luxembourg

The Rally is not based on speed, but on driving experience and a lot of fun.

We will start this day in the area of Maastricht. After registration we will drive fantastic routes along Andennes and Luxembourg. At the finish we will have a BBQ/Buffet.



What Car do you need to join…
All cars are welcome with at least 250 hp. We recommend a sporty car or something special. Make you car unique, this will result in a lot of pictures or attention during the Rally.


All participants from the day Rally on 21 april can get stickers for their cars for free!
We have them in the sizes 60cm and 15cm. Colours are black, white or gold.

Please send us a message with your team name and we will send them for free!
The only thing we ask is to send a picture when applied the stickers on your car.

Where to apply the stickers:
2 x 60cm stickers can be applied to the rear side panel/fender and one on the hood.
3 x 15cm stickers can be applied to the top of the front window or rear window. On the backside of the car or in the corner of the hood.
3 x #Roadattack stickers, you can apply on the front side fender and one on the rear bumper.

Don’t want stickers on your car? No problem, you are free to decide what you want.

What’s in the package:
– BBQ/Buffet at the finish
– Full sticker pack for your car are including Road Attack logo’s and our sponsor stickers
– Team packs  with route, lanyards and wristbands
– A lot of fun and new friends for life!

The price will be € 90,- per person including VAT.



Do you still want to join? Send us an email and we will check what is possible.


By submitting to our rally you agree with our conditions
Please read them very carrefull : https://roadattackrally.com/conditions

Our start location is Bilderberg Vaalsbroek in Limburg (NL)

The grid is open from 9:00 am. We will drink some coffee or tee and meet up with all participants. After a briefing we will take of at 10:30 am and attack the best roads of Limburg, Belgium and Luxembourg.

At the finish there is also a hotel. Some of you might want to stay there for a night, after the Barbeque/Buffet. We keep the name of the Hotel as a secret because it is also our finish location. We can say that it is a beautifully located 4 star hotel with all facilities.

Here you find the pictures from this incredible day

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