Road Attack Rally 2018

In 2018 will organize 2 Rally’s…

Road Attack Rally 2018 – Spring Edition Benelux

One Day rally, drive and BBQ on 21 april 2018


The route

Limburg (NL) – Ardennes (Belgium) – Luxembourg

The Rally is not based on speed, but on driving experience and a lot of fun.

We will start this day in the area of Maastricht. After registration we will drive fantastic routes along Andennes and Luxembourg. At the finish we will have a BBQ.



What Car do you need to join…
All cars are welcome with at least 250 hp. We recommend a sporty car or something special. Make you car unique, this will result in a lot of pictures or attention during the Rally.

What’s in the package:
– BBQ at the finish
– Full sticker pack for your car are including Road Attack logo’s and our sponsor stickers
– Team packs with route, lanyards and wristbands
– A lot of fun and new friends for life!

The price will be € 90,- per person including VAT.

At the finish there is also a hotel. Some of you might want to stay there for a night, after the Barbeque.

We will inform you later about the hotel.


Road ATTACK rally is the rally to bring Car Fanatics together.
We drive the most fantastic roads and have a good drink after the ride….


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