DAY 7 & 8 – 9 & 10 JUNE 2023

From: InterContinental Ljubljana (Slovenia)
To: In Excelsis Novalja (Croatia)
Indicated time 9:30 till 16:00~17:00

BikeGPX Link (recommanded):

Route Part 1 Google Maps

Route Part 2 Google Maps (after the lunch)

Complete Route Google Maps:

Full link to Google Maps

Today we will leave Slovania and head to our final destination in Croatia. We drive a long coastal road with a beautiful view over the adriatic sea. Total route is 381km.
Our finish location will be at Club Noa. Here we will toast to an unforgettable week we had on the marine VIP deck.
Around 18:30 we drive to the hotel for check-in.

Lunch suggestion: Bistro kod tri mornara, Pavlinska 19, 53270 Senj, Croatia
Today’s Dinner is included: Start time 20:00 in the Hotel. Drinks are at your own expense.

Please come to the front of the hotel at 22:15, the transport will bring us to Club Noa again for the final party. The line-up in the club contains DJ’s from Mars and many more! It will be a smashing party that will not soon be forgotten!

Hotel address:
In Excelsis Novalja
Lunjski put 91,
53291, Novalja, Croatia

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