European Rally 2024 Greece

European Rally 2024Greece

1 June – 9 June 2024 – 8 days

Looking for new locations, we have created a completely new route for 2024! The destination of the European RAR is Greece including two days of Nikki Beach Montenegro!

Yes, you read that right, from the Austrian Alps we drive from the mountains along the Adratic Sea to Greece. The rally will be crazy for 8 days, which is one day longer than last year. We actually drive the same distance but in shorter routes. This gives us more time to enjoy the beautiful hotels where we will be staying.

We have great destinations for our partygoers. How about Opatija with lots of bars and clubs. Or, Split; Do we need to explain something about Split? Then 2 days on Nikki Beach in Montenegro. Oh yes, we are really looking forward to that. In Greece we mix local parties with our well-known European house vibes at the finish.

The route:
Leogang Alps Austria – Opatija Croatia – Split Croatia – Tivat Bay Montenegro (2x) – Vlorë Albania – Loánnina Greece – Thessaloniki Greece

We will kick off at a luxury 5 star resort in the Salzburg Alps. In this hotel you can experience a great pool and spa with a view on the Alps. We bet you haven’t seen this before!

After your check-in between 15:00 and 17:00, you can relax at the pool with some drinks. In the afternoon we will have a Road Attack starting diner.

After the start we will drive the famous Grossglockner pass. You can enjoy the Austrian Alps, through Slovenia and will finish at one of the major 5 star hotels in Opatija Croatia.
In Opatija you can enjoy the views on the see. Opatija is a highlight village on the Adriatic coast and, certainly, one of the places most worth seeing. In Opatija you will enjoy a wonderful nostalgic ambience with beautiful buildings, nice restaurants, bars and clubs.

From Opatija we will drive over the Croatian hills and allong the coastal route to the largest and most important city in Dalmatia, Split. The port city is located on a small peninsula in the Adriatic Sea and is an important economic and tourist transit city.

After Split we will go to Montenegro where we will have our relax day. We stay at the beautiful and always bustling Nikki Beach hotel. Here we enjoy the beautiful swimming pool, good food and the Ibiza style beats.

In the second part of the week we drive from Montenegro to Vlorë in Albania. Here we will again stay in a super nice hotel near the coast. For wonderful beaches you are a king in Vlorë and the beautiful coast around it. The so-called Albanian Riviera starts at this city and then goes south.

After Albania we drive to Greece where we stay 2 days in different 5 star hotels. Greece has the longest coastline in Europe and is the southernmost country in Europe. The mainland has rugged mountains, forests, and lakes. Experience the Greek culture and end at a beach hotel close to Thessaloniki where we finish the week in style.

Who can join the Rally
Your car is welcome with at least 350 hp. We recommend a sporty car or something special. Make your car unique, this will result in a lot of pictures or attention during the Rally.
This is an adult event for 21 years and older.

The Rally is not based on speed, but on the driving experience and a lot of fun.

The Road Attack Rally is a lifestyle adventure for petrol heads.

In the last years, we took hundreds of car enthusiasts through the best roads in Europe. We choose the roads to our destinations that are challenging for drivers of fast cars. Loads of hairpins, roads with an astonishing view and parts where you can speed a little.

We drive one of the best driving roads of the world as said by Curves, Topgear and many others in the car industries. You must have done these routes ones in your life !

After every day of pleasure we will relax in only the best hotels witch we carefully selected for our guests. A pleasant drink, good food and socializing with each other to create new memories. You only live ones, so take everything out of it.

The Road Attack Rally brings you more than just driving. You will make a lot of new friends with the same car passion.

Our media team
Memories are what it’s all about. Our photographers and video team will capture all our memories of the future.

Stand out positively and the more you will find yourself on pictures and videos. Think about car wraps, costumes, smiles e.g.

These things we centainly do:

  • An unforgettable driving experience trough Europe
  • Drive one of the most popular mountain route from Europe, the Großglockner
  • A lot of surprises for petrol heads during the whole event.
  • 3 Diner evenings in style
  • Organise some nice parties
  • Capture your memories with our camera crew, photo and video.
  • Make new friends for life and many, many more….

What is in the package:

  • 4 and 5-star Hotels ( 8 nights)
  • Full sticker pack for your car is including Road Attack logo’s and our sponsor stickers
  • Team packs with route, lanyards, wristbands eg.
  • T-Shirts and Goodie bag
  • Breakfast at all hotels
  • 6 dinners in style
  • Welcome drink at all finish locations
  • Our friendly crew will be there for you the whole event

We are proud that we can offer the rally for the same price as last year (2023), just one day longer.

Early bird tickets*
Registrations before 31 December 2023
The price will be € 6450,- per car with 2 persons excluding VAT.
If your application is accepted a deposit of € 1500,- will be taken to secure your space. Your entry fee balance will be due on Februari 1st 2024.

Normall tickets*
Registrations after 1 January 2024 – before 28 February 2024
The price will be € 6750,- per car with 2 persons excluding VAT.
If your application is accepted a deposit of € 1500,- will be taken to secure your space. Your entry fee balance will be due on March 1st 2024.

Late bird tickets*
Registrations after 1 March 2024
The price will be € 7050,- per car with 2 persons excluding VAT.
If your application is accepted a deposit of € 1500,- will be taken to secure your space. Your entry fee balance will be due on April 14th 2024.

* If you submit after a mentioned date or make payments after a mentioned date your ticket will automaticly change to the next phase. Remember, we have a maximum of 30 cars. Full = Full

LUGGAGE VEHICLE – €250 per team for the rally. To book your suitcase in the Road Attack luggage vehicle please let us know after your team registration, please note there is limited availability for this service and it’s first come first serve.

We offer the possibility to transport your car back after the Rally from Novalja to the Netherlands. Your car will be transported on a truck with only cars from our event. After 4 days the cars can be picked up at van Driel Automotive in Hoofddorp.
Prices for this service will be anounced later and is depending on how much participants will use this service.

Maximum 30 cars !
The team list you can find here

Enthusiast already? Are you in for a ride? Join us now…

Our conditions:

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